PROJECT: Cedar Beach Playground | Cedar Creek Park, Allentown, Pa.
CLIENT: City of Allentown | Contact: Greg Wietzel, Department of Parks and Recreation | 610-437-7750
LOCATION: Cedar Creek Parkway, Allentown, Pa.

SCOPE OF WORK: Kobalt Construction was contracted by the City of Allentown to construct one of the largest playground/fitness equipment installation sites in the country, in a combined effort with the City of Allentown and Playworld Systems, who was contracted to supply the equipment and provide support. Some of Kobalt’s scope of work included site grading, landscaping, underground drainage system, retaining wall construction, sidewalks, curbs, pavilion installation, fencing, masonry and stone veneer, and playground installation.

Some of the challenges included coordination of all the different forces and installation of the underground filtration system beneath the playground equipment area. All the new work had to meet strict requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as the 19,990 sq. ft. playground is entirely handicap accessible. Also, all the work had to be coordinated around the many events and busy the schedule of the park, such as the Mayfair festival, Sports Fest and the Stellar Construction Basketball Tournament, one of the largest youth basketball tournaments in the country.

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